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London designer lighting shop

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We here at the Brownhouse Interiors decided to offer many designer lighting brands such as DCW lighting from France as well as Porta RomanaAromas del campo Gau Lighting from Paris.

London designer lighting shop

dcw editions at the Brownhouse Interiors

DCW Editions is a producer of objects : objects whose roots are in the past, whose use is in the present and whose vision is for the future, all of which have three things in common : They are well conceived, well designed and well made.
DCW’s production is the epitome of the object as a companion to living well, an object that is designed to last and act as a relay baton between generations. But nostalgia for the past is not what drives DCW Editions. All that matters is to produce object that are true, honest and will stand the test of time. The various collections – Lampe Gras, Mantis, In The Tube, The ISP Lamp, Here Comes the Sun, Les Acrobates de Gras, the MbE Mirrors… – are in permanent dialogue with each other, testament to DCW Editions’ commitment to producing timeless objects that never give in to fashion.

” DCW Editions’ commitment is to produce timeless objects that never give in to fashion “

London designer lighting shop

dcw-editions and the brownhouse interiors


The Adventure Begins

We began by producing the work of the inventor Bernard-Albin Gras and the GRAS lamp, the starting point for modern lighting, and the 20th Century’s first articulated lamp, much lauded at the time by Le Corbusier. Next, we produced Julien Porché’s Surpil chair : a study in elegance.

London designer lighting shop

dcw-editions 3

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